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“We’re Live in 5…4…3…2…”

KJ Jones
May 31, 2017
Photographers: KJ Jones
“Quiet, people! Quiet on the floor! Dan, we’re coming to you in 5...4…3...”. That command was heard throughout Studio 47 at the CBS Broadcast Center in New York City every evening at exactly 6:29:55 p.m. Eastern—5 seconds before the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather appeared on television screens across the U.S. The reason why I know this is because I actually worked on that broadcast (and several other CBS network shows) during a segment of my career that long precedes the professional engagement I’ve had with cars—and now trucks. It’s amazing how some things you experience are forgotten within seconds after they occur and others can stay locked in your brain for a lifetime.
When I left broadcast TV in 1989, I didn’t imagine I would ever hear a “QOTF” command again. I was definitely wrong about that, because in the years since then, I have actually been in situations where extreme silence was necessary during videotaping for programs associated with my automotive gigs. Everything from commercials for dealerships I’ve worked at to the on-camera Q&A bits and appearances I have done on behalf of several performance-themed titles owned by The Enthusiast Network (i.e. the Roadkill “Stubby Bob” episode that rocketed me to much unexpected fame).
Photo 2/2   |   I stopped by the National Hot Rod Diesel Association’s event at Tulsa Raceway Park during a May 2017 trip to Oklahoma and had an opportunity to visit with DieselTV’s David Anderson, the “man behind the scenes” who is the lead man for our landmark live broadcast of Diesel Power Challenge 2017.
I trust the majority of you who are reading this also follow Diesel Power through our Facebook page. If you do, you’re probably familiar with my occasional Facebook Live posts from events (thousands of you zoned in on the feed from The 2017 Ultimate Callout Challenge), or of my sharing things I’m working on, or even some of the interesting diesel-powered vehicles, typically trucks, that I come across on any given day. I also brought our Diesel Power Challenge competitor announcement into the real-time space, through the “DPC 2017 Competitor Announcement Day” feed on April 28, 2017 when I revealed names of the nine competitors readers selected to battle for the event’s title, which Charlie Keeter and his ’04 Ford F-250 earned in 2016.
Facebook’s trick broadcast function provides a numeric countdown that serves as a prompt for hosts to know when they’re actually “live” on the air. It’s similar to the voice command I’m familiar with. But, without actually hearing the words, it’s definitely not exactly the same. Well, after a lot of negotiating and logistical planning, with tremendous thanks to Fleece Performance Engineering, I’m getting ready for that excitement again. There’s more anxiety now, but I’m happy to let you know that for Diesel Power Challenge 2017 Presented by XDP, we’re stepping up our live act big time!
It gives me great pleasure to announce that the dyno, trailer towing (eighth-mile and obstacle-course), drag racing, and sled pull segments of DPC 2017 are being broadcast live on the Internet. We’ve decided to “go live,” in part, as a response to increasing requests for us to make the Challenge a competition the general public can see and simply as a way for Diesel Power to step into the live-video arena in what I believe is the best way possible.
The cameras and production crew of DieselTV (the outfit that brings you as-it-happens online coverage of National Hot Rod Diesel events) is helping us bring DPC 2017 to your computers, tablets, and cell phones via livestream feeds from ATS Diesel Performance and Bandimere Speedway. The official broadcast will be available through the Diesel Power magazine Facebook page, and we’re working on pushing the content out through the social outlets of DPC’s presenting sponsor (XDP), and other supporters (Amsoil, American Force Wheels, ATS Diesel Performance, Pacific Performance Engineering, and Fleece Performance Engineering).
While juggling DPC’s bowling pins, and now, keeping tabs on all of the additional moving pieces this live broadcast brings is a tall order, I’m confident in our team and its ability to work through challenges big and small, with the same tenacity and efficiency that has become a trademark for our group.
I really hope you all enjoy the show. In the big picture, I know it’s just one small step for the guys at DieselTV, but it is definitely one giant leap for the staff, competitors, and all of you good folks who tune in to watch Diesel Power Challenge 2017 Presented by XDP.
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