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  • 1992 Mazda B2600i- Busted Knuckles- Black Dahlia

1992 Mazda B2600i- Busted Knuckles- Black Dahlia

Busted Knuckles

Phil Gordon
Jan 19, 2018
Photographers: Phil Gordon
Although most people attribute the name Black Dahlia to the lasting, culturally intriguing, unsolved mystery from 1947, the name has a much different meaning in this context. The actual dahlia flower has many meanings based on color. The red dahlia conveys power and strength, while the pink and purple are associated with kindness and grace. The white dahlia is a symbol of focus and purity and the blue and green dahlia symbolize a fresh start with big changes. Of course, the most well-known dahlia is the black, which is actually burgundy—and that color is tied to a warning of betrayal.
Photo 2/5   |   1992 Mazda B2600i Black Dahlia Rear
When Nick Croka of Wichita Falls, Texas, decided to name his Mazda The Black Dahlia, a lot of thought went into it. He owned a ’90 Mazda that was bagged and bodied but just seemed to be betraying him throughout the tenure of his ownership. “There was always something going wrong with it,” Nick tells Truckin. “It was my biggest letdown.” When he first purchased the ’90 for $500, the motor blew on the way home. Nick replaced it, then bodied it and again the motor blew. One problem followed another, so Nick cut his losses and sold the truck.
Photo 3/5   |   1992 Mazda B2600i Black Dahlia Tailgate
He began searching for a new Mazda and found a ’92 Mazda B2600i online. He went back and forth with the seller, and then without warning the seller pulled the truck from the sale and stopped responding to messages. Little did Nick know his wife, Kori, didn’t want him to give up on his dream of owning a custom truck, and she made a deal behind his back with the seller buying that very Mazda for which he had been negotiating. Kori told Nick she wanted to pick up a frame for a friend and needed a trailer. After arriving at that address with the trailer, the garage opened and Nick immediately knew what his wife had done for him.
Photo 4/5   |   1992 Mazda B2600i Black Dahlia Bed
Once they got the Mazda home, they immediately fired up the motor and got it running with the help of Chris Hilz. The mini was re-bagged and the back half was body-dropped. Nick found a guy who was selling ’86-to-’93 Mazda parts from Australia and decided his new project would be converted. His decision to convert it to a right-side drive was simply because he hadn’t seen it in the States yet. The price tag to ship the parts from Australia admittedly cost him a fortune, but it was well worth it. Nick handled the body drop and right-side drive in his garage with the help of a few close friends.
Photo 5/5   |   1992 Mazda B2600i Black Dahlia Interior
Although Nick has a long way to go for The Black Dahlia to be complete, the project has gone flawlessly, unlike his last project. Nick wishes to thank his wife, Kori, for her dedication and sneakiness to get the Mazda into his possession without his knowledge. A special thanks goes to Nick’s close friends Trey Hall, Chris Hilz, Danny Dye, and Kaylon Fuqua, and last, but not least, his No Regrets club. This Black Dahlia will be making a completed debut in 2018.

Inside the Build

Year/Make/Model: ’92 Mazda B2600i
Owner and City/State: Nick Croka; Wichita Falls, Texas
Club Affiliation: No Regrets

Chassis: Front Suspension: Cando upper and lower tubular control arms, Chassis Tech 2-inch drop spindles, Slam Specialties SS6 bags, Toyota five-lug swap, relocated steering gearbox, center steering link sectioned 2.75 inches, frame pockets made for SS6 bags, Wilwood brake swap
Rear Suspension: Reverse two-link with wishbone, bag over axle, Slam Specialties SS7 bags, ’82 Toyota rear end narrowed 4 inches, dual Stealth black Viair 444, Slam Specialties valve manifold, 5.5-gallon air tank, AVS red LED seven-switch box
Engine: 2.6L fuel-injected four-cylinder, SKL Motorworks performance chip, fully deleted and wire tucked, MSD plugs and wires, intake modified to clear the Wilwood master cylinder
Transmission: Five-speed with FX racing Stage 2 clutch
Body/Paint: 2600i hood sectioned 3 inches, shaved corner lights, Grant Kustoms Cali combo with dimple die tag box, 4x4 Mazda sheetmetal, 4x4 bumper, full sheetmetal bed, raised 4.25 inches from factory, relocated gas door, rear bed seam shaved, ’86-to-’93 Mazda trim-less taillights from Australia, ’86-to-’93 Mazda side mirrors (Australia), sheetmetal tubed and shaved firewall, pinch weld cut and plated, LED swapped headlights
Interior: ’94-to-’97 Mazda bravo right-hand-drive dashboard (Australian), ’94 Honda Accord power windows, black with red crocodile wrapped seats and doors, full LED swapped gauge cluster, full rewired factory left-hand-drive wiring harness, Australian windshield wiper swap, relocated steering column and pedal assembly, floor sectioned
Stereo: Pioneer AVH-2600 double-din, Memphis 4- and 6.5-inch components, two Kicker 12-inch subwoofers, Kenwood 500-watt mono-block amplifier, iPad mini mount
Wheels & Tires:
Wheels: 20x8.5; Fondmetal 7200
Tires: 225/35ZR20; Lexani tires



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