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  • As-Seen at SEMA: Our 25 Best New Product Picks

As-Seen at SEMA: Our 25 Best New Product Picks

Our 25 Best New Product Picks From SEMA 2017

Chris Shelton
Jan 9, 2018
Photographers: Courtesy of SEMA
What began as a meet and greet in the basement of Dodger Stadium has turned into one of the largest trade shows in the world. No matter what you do, if you do it for the automotive industry, you at least aspire to attend the event hosted by the Specialty Equipment Market Association in Las Vegas.
Yeah, it’s kind of known as a weeklong party, but the event stands out as the place to show off. And part of showing off includes introducing new products. Many things you see in this magazine debuted at the SEMA Show. And a crew of four of us get to take photos of them.
That kind of access gives us a front-row seat to what’s new in the industry. And that’s good news for you, as we photographed nearly 3,000 new products. Here’s the best of what we saw this year.
Photo 2/26   |   25 Best New Product 01
Who: Banks Power
What: ’13-to-’17 Ram 2500/3500 grid-heater delete
Why: This delete kit eliminates the intake grid heater to improve throttle response, spool-up, EGT, and, in high-output levels, power. Part 42714 makes it easy to reinstall the grid heater when necessary.
Where: 800.GET.POWER, bankspower.com
Photo 3/26   |   25 Best New Product 02
Who: Slam Specialties
What: Two-way 1/4-inch valve manifold
Why: Two-spring/four-valve air manifolds. Part SV-4C-4 has 10.5-watt coils with flying leads, stainless-steel operators, two 1/4-inch NPT tank ports, two 1/4-inch NPT exhaust ports, two 1/4-inch NPT air-spring ports, and two 1/8-inch NPT ports for gauges. The anodized manifold handles 150 psi and includes all mounting hardware.
Where: 888.352.5225, slamspecialties.com
Photo 4/26   |   25 Best New Product 03
Who: King Shocks
What: ’17 Raptor 3-inch IBP coilovers
Why: Part numbers 30001-403 and -404 give the ’17 Raptor a shock with a 3-inch piston diameter, precisely tunable velocity- and position-sensitive damping qualities, and a hydraulic bumpstop.
Where: 714.530.8701, kingshocks.com
Photo 5/26   |   25 Best New Product 04
Who: T Mark Tools
What: Lightweight, non-marking tools
T Mark makes socket and wrench sets from a thermoset composite that’s half the weight of an equivalent metal tool yet every bit as strong. Because the tools in part number CBW7SSM37512 aren’t metal, they won’t rust, magnetize, or mark chrome or soft-alloy fasteners.
Where: 407.416.9412, tmarktools.com
Photo 6/26   |   25 Best New Product 05
Who: Advanced Accessory Concepts
What: Wireless wiring harness
Why: The Trigger-series Six Shooter mounts close to the devices it controls to minimize wire length. It also communicates with its switches by radio frequency, eliminating many wires altogether. The tuning app lets users define each circuit’s function (constant on, dim, and flash) for control of nearly anything in a vehicle—turn signals included.
Where: 951.339.1460, triggercontroller.com
Photo 7/26   |   25 Best New Product 06
Who: Classic Instruments
What: Electric EGT gauges
Why: Part number VS198WBLF offers a precise way to measure exhaust gas temperature. It has a rugged air-core movement, an integrated red warning light that illuminates the entire gauge, and an analog .5-4.5VDC data-logging output. The gauge features a full-sweep display, programmable LED lighting, and a stainless probe and bung.
Where: 800.575.0461, classicinstruments.com
Photo 8/26   |   25 Best New Product 07
Who: GC Cooling
What: Variable-speed fan and controller
Why: Smart Fan has an integrated fan controller that activates the fan at half speed at 150 degrees and works up to full speed at 200. Part number GC-9100016 also soft-starts for reduced electrical load and requires no programming.
Where: 515.645.5908, gccooling.com
Photo 9/26   |   25 Best New Product 08
Who: Eibach
What: ’09-to-’17 Ram 1500 lift springs
Why: Eibach makes spacer-free lift springs for 1/2-ton ’09-to-’17 Ram pickups. The company makes part number E80-27-001-05-22 to work seamlessly with its heavy-duty Pro-Truck Performance shocks.
Where: 951.256.8300, eibach.com
Photo 10/26   |   25 Best New Product 09
Who: Auto Meter
What: Low-speed tachometers
Why: Auto Meter designed its latest low-speed tachometers with the same technology that makes its normal-range gauges. The patented air-core movement, wound in-house to exacting standards, can move the needle from 0 to 6,000 rpm in 333 milliseconds.
Where: 866.248.6356, autometer.com
Photo 11/26   |   25 Best New Product 10
Who: sPod
What: Bluetooth-controlled power-distribution system
Why: The Bantam is an expandable vehicle power distribution system for 12 and 24 V electrical accessories, control rated at 30 Amps per circuit. Rugged use ready. Programmable for: dimming, strobe, flash, momentary & switch linking. Protection against: excessive current, overheating, shorts, rev. polarity & field collapse. Multi-controller capabilities with Bluetooth, 8 external inputs and the ability to monitor currents.
Where: 661.775.7799, 4x4s-pod.com
Photo 12/26   |   25 Best New Product 11
Who: Dynatrac
What: ’15-and-up Super Duty freewheel hub conversion
Why: Free-Spin does more than equip ’15-and-later Ford Super Duty trucks with locking hubs; it also replaces the troublesome factory unit-bearing design with fixed spindles and equips the axle ends with stronger 1550-series U-joints.
Where: 714.596.4461, dynatrac.com
Photo 13/26   |   25 Best New Product 12
Who: Classic Instruments
What: ’73-to-’87 C/K direct-fit instrument cluster
Why: Contemporary high-performance gauges for ’73-to-’87 General Motors C- and K-series pickups, Suburbans, and Blazers. For ease of installation, part number CT73OE includes a single-connection wire harness, replacement lens, and all necessary sending units.
Where: 800.575.0461, classicinstruments.com
Photo 14/26   |   25 Best New Product 13
Who: Schley Products
What: DEF tube release forks
Why: These tools depress the locks that retain the DEF lines in Ford and Dodge trucks equipped with diesel exhaust fluid systems. The three forks in kit 15200 fit most DEF fill and breather lines.
Where: 714.693.7666, sptool.com
Photo 15/26   |   25 Best New Product 14
Who: Sinister Diesel
What: Power Stroke 250-amp High Output Alternator
Why: It’s a 250-amp alternator and regulator that produces more current than stock. Part number SD-ALT-6.0-250 has high temp bearings, an upgraded stator, and an anodized billet cover. It fits directly without any modifications and includes a 1-year warranty.
Where: 844.550.5707, sinisterdiesel.com
Photo 16/26   |   25 Best New Product 15
Who: Carrichs Accessories, LLC
What: In-dash tablet-mount
Why: Carrichs makes kits that mount the Apple iPad Mini over the factory radio of several vehicles. Part number TDK685 mounts them to ’13-to-’17 Ram applications. The patent-pending NeoMag Technology makes the mount grip the dash and pad tightly.
Where: 562.602.5588, carrichs.com
Photo 17/26   |   25 Best New Product 16
Who: Baja Designs
What: 30-inch LED taillight
Why: The RTL-S is a 30-inch-long housing that has red running and brake lights, amber turn signals, and a white work/cargo light. The proprietary MoistureBlock Technology in part number 103004 protects the LEDs from the elements.
Where: 800.422.5292, bajadesigns.com
Photo 18/26   |   25 Best New Product 17
Who: American Force Wheels
What: Super Dually wheel
Why: American Force machines the Tactical Series centers from forgings and bolts them to rims from 22 to 26 inches in diameter and 10 to 16 inches wide.
Where: 786.345.6301, americanforcewheels.com
Photo 19/26   |   25 Best New Product 18
Who: Spyder Auto
What: ’15-to-’17 F-150 HID headlight with DRL
Why: These projector beams for the ’15-to-’17 Ford F-150 are produced by an ISO-certified OEM supplier. Part number ALT-YD-FF15015-LED-DRL-BLK directly replaces factory headlights.
Where: 626.934.8884, spyderauto.com
Photo 20/26   |   25 Best New Product 19
Who: McGaughy’s Suspension
What: 10-inch lift for ’14-to-’18 Ram 2500/3500
Why: Kit 54400 lifts the ’14-to-’18 Ram a whopping 10 inches. It includes boxed, long-arm links with billet faceplates. The kit includes everything, including braided brake lines, but no dampers.
Where: 559.226.8196, mcgaughys.com
Photo 21/26   |   25 Best New Product 20
Who: US Speedo
What: ’15-to-’18 F-150 stainless gauge face
Why: Stainless-steel gauge face for the ’15-to-’17 F-150 with the 8-inch center-information screen. Brushed finish and backlit in red, white, or blue.
Where: 810.244.0909, usspeedo.com
Photo 22/26   |   25 Best New Product 21
Who: Hillco Fastener
What: Blind-hole sheetmetal nut
Why: The Twister Fastener makes it possible to attach anything to sheetmetal without welding or specialty tools. The blind-hole nut twists easily into place, creating a securing point for lights, fender flares, and more.
Where: 714.657.7442, hillcofasteners.com
Photo 23/26   |   25 Best New Product 22
Who: Hotwire Auto
What: GM ’14-and-up LT harness
Why: It’s a self-contained engine and transmission harness and control system for the GM Gen V (LT platform) engines and transmissions from manual to the new eight-speed. This stand-alone kit includes a fuse block, relays, and a form-fitted harness with labeled wires. Hotwire makes each harness per order and offers programming.
Where: 479.243.9115, hotwireauto.com
Photo 24/26   |   25 Best New Product 23
Who: Rigid Industries
What: 20-inch LED bar with GPS module
Why: Rigid says its Adapt-series LED bars are the world’s first off-road lighting products that can change instantly according to conditions. Part number 22041 offers eight selectable beam patterns that range from a 90-degree flood to a 15-degree spot, based on vehicle speed monitored by an integrated GPS module.
Where: 480.655.0100, rigidindustries.com
Photo 25/26   |   25 Best New Product 24
Who: Rockford Fosgate
What: Compact digital-media receiver and display
Why: Rockford Fosgate designed the PMX-3 digital-media receiver with a full-color 2.7-inch TFT display, day/night screen modes, and backup camera input with reverse trigger input. It features SiriusXM tuner compatibility, Pandora radio control via USB or Bluetooth, and full iPhone support with folder browsing capability.
Where: 800.669.9899, rockfordfosgate.com
Photo 26/26   |   25 Best New Product 25
Who: QA1
What: C10 control-arm kit
Why: These control arms equip ’73-to-’87 Chevy/GMC pickups, Suburbans, and Blazers with coil-overs. They also increase caster to 7 degrees. The kits include lower control arms, upper control arms (optional), an upper mounting bracket, a single- or double-adjustable coil-over, a high-travel spring, and all necessary hardware.
Where: 952.985.5675, qa1.net