Ben Hermance’s love of all things automotive became apparent at an early age. His father was a successful dealership general manager, and his uncles were deeply involved with hot rods since the ’50s—so there were plenty of influential people in his life that fueled his rapidly growing interest. Ben was elevated to Honors and Advanced Placement art classes in high school, concentrating on industrial design. Upon graduating from the industrial design program at Wentworth Institute of Technology in 2002, he worked as a staff designer at an award-winning product design firm outside Boston. Since setting out on his own, he has worked on an extremely broad range of projects. He’s created some very recognizable logos and branding for aftermarket parts vendors and shops but is most well-known for renderings of everything from hot rods and street machines to lifted show trucks and body kits for supercars. If you're interested in having Ben work with you on your next project, visit or contact him directly at