Hockey isn’t the only “cool” thing coming out of Canada these days. Tristan Pengelly is the owner of Renderings by Tristan located in Langley, British Columbia, and he creates computer-drawn renderings from completely stock vehicles to wild, one-off custom creations. His digitally drawn artwork is produced with the most attention to detail possible for his clients’ wants and needs. If you take a look through his social media accounts, you’ll find muscle cars, tuners, hot rods, classics, mini-trucks, and, of course, a ton of various truck designs. If you want to see what your ride might look like, it can be done—from late-model builds with a lift kit and big tires to full custom styling cues the manufacturer never thought possible when the vehicle rolled off the assembly line. These renderings have been used to build many vehicles for shows all across North America, including several years of the annual SEMA show, where the best of the best debut. Even if you aren’t going to build it, Tristan can create something of your liking for garage art or framing. If you’re looking to get a ride digitally created for a project, for fun, or for hanging on your wall, contact him at or