They say if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Koapono Patrick is one of those people (with the exception of a short two-week stint as a Domino’s Pizza driver, which he quit to go back to renderings!). KP Concepts has been helping others visualize their ideas since 2010. As a child, Koapono was drawing cars and trucks nonstop. He later transitioned to digital design in high school. After realizing he could turn his hobby into a paid living, he attended Francis Tuttle Technology Center, where he earned a certificate in graphic communications—including graphic design, photography, and printing—in just half the time it usually takes. Though he already had a full roster of rendering demands, he created KP Concepts to give his business a name his clients would remember. He has completed renderings for everyone from the casual enthusiast wanting a visualization of ideas to corporations in need of real project plans from which to build. If you want a dedicated designer who can offer quality service at an affordable rate, give him a shout at or