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  • Long-Term Report 4 of 4: 2017 Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve

Long-Term Report 4 of 4: 2017 Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve

Long Term Report 4 of 4

Sep 12, 2018
Photographers: Brett T. Evans, Courtney McKinnon
Our last report period with the ’17 Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve has brought a new set of challenges to our pickup: city living, rush-hour commutes, and long-haul road trips. None of these are ideal situations for fullsize trucks, but after three months with the thing, this editor is sad to see it go.
Keen to end on a good note, we’re going to get the complaints out of the way right now. While the color scheme and overall first impressions of the interior are nice, living with it on a daily basis reveals a few missteps in Nissan’s design. First, the infotainment screen’s shiny plastic surround does a poor imitation of dark metal, and it casts a frustrating glare into the driver’s eyes when the sun is high.
Furthermore, there’s a swath of attractive faux wood trim that runs the width of the dashboard—except for directly next to the starter button, one of the only spots the driver might actually touch. Once you see the trimless gap, you’ll never unsee it. The same can be said of the patch of brown soft-touch trim in front of the passenger. The corresponding interior bits in front of the driver are hard black plastic, spoiling the interior’s symmetry. Our proverbial OCD went nuts every time we noticed it.
Photo 2/23   |   Our Titan took us well away from our daily lives, including a weeklong camping trip to Kings Canyon National Park. This truck is an excellent freeway machine.
The infotainment system itself is probably about a decade behind its competition, frequently mishearing voice commands, providing inefficient navigation routes, and most frustratingly, rebooting about every 10 minutes when using the Bluetooth to make a phone call. To its credit, we love being able to rewind live radio, and the NissanConnect weather app helped us plan for the day on more than one occasion.
We were able to improve the Titan’s fuel economy. In spite of the frequent traffic-clogged driving to which we subjected the truck, it achieved an average fuel economy of 14.85 mpg, and one short freeway stint yielded 22.42 mpg (thanks to ethanol-free fuel). Since that short, 142-mile stretch of freeway was done as an experiment, we combined it with the previous, similarly short refuel for a total average of 19.84 mpg over 291 miles, the highest we’ve achieved so far. It’s still a bit short of the EPA’s 15 city/21 highway/18 combined rating, but we got close.
This report saw our Titan cover thousands of freeway miles, with trips to Denver, Salt Lake City, and Kings Canyon National Park in California. On these trips (in the heat of the Southwestern summer, mind you), we fell further in love with the Platinum Reserve’s ventilated leather seating and polar-vortex air conditioning. Those seats were supportive and cushy, leaving us with no fatigue even after our 17-hour marathon from Denver to Los Angeles.
Photo 3/23   |   The passenger-side vent surround gets brown soft-touch trim, while the driver is left with black plastic.
Photo 4/23   |   Long Term Report 4 2017 Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve Passenger Side Vent
The truck’s smooth freeway ride was another boon on these long trips, as was its pleasantly heavy steering (which helped immensely with directional stability, even in crosswinds). The only thing interrupting the Titan’s composure was a loose piece of plastic trim on the exterior C-pillar. Cinching the trim down solved the problem perfectly, leaving us with one of the most comfortable truck interiors on the market.
Admittedly, we rarely used our Titan’s towing, hauling, or off-road talents in this segment of the test. One of our drivers cleared out his storage unit, using the truck bed’s reconfigurable tie-downs to keep cargo of varying sizes and shapes secure. We also put the trailer hitch into use, towing a motorcycle to a repair shop. None of these trips came close to taxing the Titan’s 5.6L Endurance V-8 or seven-speed automatic transmission (both of which operated seamlessly and without the previous segment’s harsh shifting—looks like that ECM reflash worked).
Photo 5/23   |   The only major hauling we put the Titan through was a 400-pound load in the bed and a 500-pound motorbike on the hitch. No sweat.
We loved our Titan so much that we asked Nissan for a short extension, some extra time onto our year with the truck. But even 54 weeks weren’t enough to tire of the Nissan’s smooth ride and comfortable interior, muscular V-8, big-pickup swagger, and surprising city-friendliness. Well-deserving of its 2017 Pickup Truck of the Year win for its all-around goodness, we’re sad to see the Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve go.
Photo 6/23   |   The attractive interior was only let down by some poor material choices, like the black strip of plastic next to the steering wheel that interrupts an otherwise beautiful horizontal stretch of wood-tone trim across the dashboard.

Report: 4 OF 4

Previous Report(s): March/April 2018, July/August 2018, November/December 2018
Base Price: $55,850
Price as Tested: $57,995
Long-Term Numbers
Miles to date: 23,172
Miles since last report: 8,103
Average mpg (this report): 14.85
Test best tank (mpg): 19.84 (highway)
Test worst tank (mpg): 11.86 (entire tank was city driving)
Test Maintenance
15,000-mile oil change and tire rotation

Test Problem Areas
Rattling exterior trim, rebooting infotainment system
Logbook Quotes
“Voice recognition never understands navigation prompts and occasionally misunderstands phone commands.”
“I will never tire of hearing this V-8 rumble. Nissan really knew what it was doing with this exhaust note.”
“Low-quality plastics and some design issues in an otherwise stylish interior.”
“The Around View Monitor makes city driving a breeze.”
“This truck is all-day comfortable. I just got off a 17-hour drive and my back and legs feel fine.”
“The shiny plastic around the center screen is blinding when the sun reflects off of it. Why is it right there in the line of sight?”