Kasey Harris was a kid who rushed through his math tests in school to draw on the back of them. After winning awards in high school for his art, he landed a scholarship and eventually graduated with a degree in industrial design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. His focus was on automotive design, and cars became his passion during an internship designing for Ford. He worked various design jobs, including projects for Disney, Universal Studios, Harry Potter, Hard Rock Cafe, Marvel Studios, and more—all while continuing his automotive rendering work on the side. And his rendering work led to him creating art for Ronnie Wetch from C10 Talk and C10 Nation. This relationship began opening up doors that allowed him to focus more on build and conceptual renderings again. Ronnie introduced Kasey to Craig Piggott from River City Rods, which culminated in the work you see here. He says Craig is a guy to keep your eye on, and we can see why with the builds coming out of his Iowa shop. Kasey continues to work on all kinds of projects, from renderings to product art, while feeling blessed, extremely fortunate, and thankful for the design opportunities his clients offer him. If you want to work with Kasey on a project of your own, contact him at: kharris.aws@gmail.com.