As with many of the artists we spotlight here in Truckin, Justin Ford says he was always into art and custom cars. However, it was never in his wildest dreams that he would end up creating vehicle art for a living. In March 2016, he downloaded some design software and taught himself graphic design by experimenting with the different tools in the program. The result is what you see here, three years later, from J.M. Ford Designs. He doesn’t call himself a graphic designer, though. He is just an artist who uses a computer with a monitor as a canvas to draw vehicles he likes. He began posting them on social media to gauge the feedback and response he’d get. After he completed a rendering for his first client in December 2016 and things got rolling, he continued to draw and post weekly art online to keep the creativity flowing while sharpening his skills. He still maintains that practice today, even when he’s simultaneously working on art for clients. If you’re interested in Justin’s art as a concept for your next build, give him a shout on Instagram @jmforddesigns or