More than eight years ago, Tristan Pengelly decided to merge his love of vehicles and his artistic talents to render rides for others who shared his passion but did not possess the skills to carry out their vision. He began digitizing dreams for clients under the name Renderings By Tristan. Over the years, one client led to another, and each small connection opened up a world of automotive enthusiasts with a need for his services. In just a few short years, he took his small business and turned it into a full-time occupation. His father, Craig, who is also self-employed, went through the many ups and downs that arise when living without a safety net of sorts. It was a learning experience for Tristan to have seen that while growing up, so he knew there was going to be a tough journey and a lot of hard work ahead of him to stay afloat. He plans to continue following his passion-turned-career with what he says are "the world's best clients," lots of new ideas, and the never-ending support from his family and friends. If you're interested in turning your passion into pixels, contact Tristan at