Last year we introduced you to Innov8 Design Lab with their ultra-realistic renderings created to not only illustrate the imagination of their clients, but to also push the limits of modifying brand-new trucks. Since the last time we put Chase Carroll and his insane artwork in the Truckin spotlight, he has been working seemingly nonstop on automotive renderings and has added some architectural designs to his social media accounts. We know that designing mansions doesn't have much to do with custom trucks, but the attention to detail in all of his work is what has continued to garner our attention. From a 1950s Chevrolet 3100 pickup with a Crew Cab added onto intriguing concept trucks that manufacturers should probably look into building (hello GMC Denali MegaCab Dualie) and everything in-between, there isn't anything he can't render if you're able to dream it up. If you want to contact Chase and get a cool concept or custom cruiser project underway, hit him up at or on Instagram: @innov8designlab.