Question: I have a 1984 Chevy Suburban and the hood release cable is broken. How do I open the hood now?

Answer: Been there, done that. You're going to take one of two routes, depending on where the cable broke. If it's broken at the release lever under the left side of the dash--the more common situation--disconnect the cable from the lever assembly. You may have to cut back some of the conduit to gain access to the cable. Then just grab the cable with a pair of vice grips or equivalent, and pull. Once the hood is open, you can install a new cable from the release lever, through the engine compartment's firewall and to the latch assembly up front. The tougher job involves the cable breaking at the latch assembly beneath the hood. In that case, you can typically gain access to the latch by removing the front grille and any other trim that's in the way. From that point, you may be able to release the latch with a long narrow screwdriver or pry bar. There have been instances where it requires unbolting the latch and or surrounding brackets, slowly with a wrench, in order to get the hood open. Start digging--you'll get it.

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