Question: The driver- and passenger-side front windows have failed in my 2002 GMC Yukon, and I saw that you responded to someone else who had a similar problem. The windows start to go down and stop, or vice versa when you try to raise them. I'm told both window motors and relays will need to be replaced for $540. Is this reasonable, or could there be other solutions?

Answer: As I said above, two power window motors going bad simultaneously is possible, but improbable. And two motors and two relays calling it quits at the same time is even farther against the odds. Get a second opinion. There are several circuits that may need to be tested, but if the inoperable-window condition is easy to duplicate, not a random occurrence, it shouldn't be difficult to diagnose the problem quickly and accurately. Sorry I can't give you a definitive answer without testing the circuits myself, but most certainly confirm the diagnosis elsewhere before spending any money.

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