Question: My 2003 Honda Odyssey has 78,000 miles. After I had the front struts replaced, I noticed a creak noise when I went over a bump. I was told the car needed new mounts (engine and transmission) to correct the noise. I had the mounts put on, and the noise is still there. Any ideas or suggestions?

Answer: Engine mounts don't typically produce a "creak" noise. Usually it's a clunk from the engine shifting due to a broken mount or an engine vibration from a hard or damaged mount. If the noise did indeed begin immediately following replacement of the front struts, I'd focus on that area. It's possible they were assembled or installed incorrectly -- there may be a loose nut or bolt. I'd also bring Honda TSB #02-045 to the attention of the technician working on the van. This one deals with the grinding off of spot-weld burrs on the strut towers and/or the installation of shims on top of the struts. Honda states this condition may produce "a creaking or ticking from the dashboard or front fender area. The noise occurs when driving over bumps and sometimes when braking or turning." The strut replacement may have disturbed their positions in just the right way to induce the noise. Other possibilities are stabilizer bar/link bushings or a hard-to-find body creak. But be sure the strut issue is addressed first and foremost.

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