Q: Your answer to this question will settle a bet: My friend says that four-wheel-drive F-250s and F-350s always had solid axles up front. I say that from 1980-1985, all 4WD F-Series had TTB up front. Half-tons had trailing arms and coils, while 3/4- and 1-tons had leafs with TTB. Halfway through 1985, the F-350 went from TTB to a Dana 60 solid axle, while the F-250 went from a Dana 44TTB to a Dana 50TTB. Please settle this wager, which is for a full tank of gas!

A: TTB (twin traction beam) was an independent front drive-axle suspension system manufactured by Dana Corporation for use in a variety of 4WD Fords from 1980 to 1997. It's somewhat similar to the infamous 2WD twin I-beam front suspension, but with the axle housing/differential as an integral part of the driver's side beam. I believe your buddy's going to have to pay up, and with any luck you've got dual tanks. According to ALLDATA, four-wheel-drive Ford half-tons used the TTB setup with coil springs and radius arms from 1980 to 1987. The 1/4- and 1-ton trucks used the TTB with leaf springs from 1980 to 1987 -- with the exception of the 1986-1987 F-350 with the Dana 60 (monobeam) solid front axle.

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