Day3: Waco to Dallas
Since we'd risen at sunrise, we had plenty of time to squeeze in a visit to Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse, a Dallas institution. Not far from Love Field in Dallas, Sonny Bryan's is famous for the travelers who stop by before going to the airport to pick up an order of signature ribs to eat on their flight. Even though we arrived not long after noon, it was closed for the day, as tradition says when they run out of food, there's no more until they open the next morning. Some equally disappointed folks in a Z3 directed us to a second location nearby, just a few miles north.

Sonny Bryan's is classic Texas BBQ distilled into a format that fits in suburban strip malls. At Sonny Bryan's we selected a sampler of chicken, brisket, and ribs with a side order of creamy macaroni and cheese. While very tasty, I must admit my taste buds were numb, especially after the previous night's almost cosmic experience at Cooper's. On my next visit to Dallas, I promised myself a stop at Sonny Bryan's as soon as I landed.

On the flight home, I opened my laptop and downloaded the last of my photos. Having upgraded to first class, I thought I'd have some privacy, but such was not the case. Sitting next to me was an attractive blonde, I'd say about 30, who seemed quite intent at sneaking a peek at what was on screen. When I pulled up the first of the morning's photos of the Ram at City Garage, she exclaimed with a thick Texas drawl, "That's the new Viper truck. I want one. I have a 2002 Ram Quad Cab." My God! I'm sitting next to a beautiful, pickup-owning Texan Dodge girl for the next three hours. How bad can life be? TT