By using inexpensive off-the-shelf powertrain and chassis components and low-cost materials, and by ducking the safety regs required of full-speed vehicles, Quantum aims to keep the price below $20,000. Weid expect a price way below that point for such modest performance, despite the trick tech and butch looks.

Two Cylinders, Four Pistons
by Frank Markus

Advanced Propulsion Technologiesi Opposed Piston Opposed Cylinder (OPOC) engine employs an inner pair of pistons driving the central crankshaft directly, and an outer pair connected to the same crank by long rods. The pistons are phased to expose exhaust ports 30 degrees ahead of the intake ports, so 90 percent of the burned charge is pushed out by the supercharged air/fuel mixture, greatly improving both the efficiency and emissions performance relative to other port-scavenged two-strokes. Compared with conventional four-stroke motors, this one boasts five times the power density and uses 40 percent fewer parts. A much larger version of this engine has been designed to power helicopters.

Quantum MP Military Variant
(Declassified specifications)
PowertrainSeries hybrid
Engine typeThree-cyl, four-cycle Yanmar diesel
Electric motorTwo 10kW GE motors
Displacement, ci/L47.8/0.8
SAE horsepower, hp27 continuous, 66 peak
Recommended fuelDiesel No. 2
Wheelbase, in96.0
Length, in 150.0
Width, in 68.0
Track, f/r, in57.5/57.5
Base curb weight, lb2100
Payload capacity, lb1100
GVWR, lb3200
Towing capacity, lb1000
Top speed35 mph
Target fuel economy50 mpg