After spending way too much time arguing about the merits of each vehicle, the editors of Truck Trend have come up with the winners of this year's Best in Class awards. Our choices lean more toward vehicles that provide a lot of value for the money, plus towing and off-road capability. We've also taken cargo-carrying capacity and fuel economy into consideration, as well as the variety of OE options available, including engines, transmissions, body styles, and bed lengths. With this story, we've included the vital specifications of every pickup, sport/utility vehicle, crossover, and minivan on the market in the U.S. We put the data in charts organized by category, so you can sift through the numbers and see why we've chosen what we have (and you can find plenty of evidence to back you up if you disagree). Please note that prices, compiled with help from IntelliChoice, reflect the specific models listed in each category, and for some charts, that may include optional equipment (specified in the charts).

Specifications other than pricing came from the most recent versions of the manufacturers' press materials, accurate as of press time. To the best of our knowledge and the best of our abilities, all the columns line up properly and the information here is correct. Of course, that does mean there may be some mistakes. Feel free to let us know of any you've found. For now, grab a magnifying glass and get ready to pore over the specs and pricing data of every vehicle a truck guy (or gal) could ever care about. And if you think of a few categories we could include in our 2010 Best in Class Awards, feel free to drop us a line.