Chevrolet Express

BASE PRICE RANGE: $25,635-$35,535

WHAT'S NEW: Chevy's utilitarian business van maintains its pragmatism in 2010 with a short list of upgrades. The 4.8L, 5.3L, and 6.0L engines are now E85 capable and all utilize variable valve timing. The 2500 and 3500 models receive the 6L90 6A gearbox, as well as revised rear axles for improvements in low-rpm torque, fuel economy, and driveability.

COOL FACT: Compared with truck engines of a decade ago, the Gen IV engine family is approximately 90-percent cleaner.



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2010 Chevrolet Express
Base engine 4.3L/195-hp OHV V-6
Optional engines 4.8L/280-hp OHV V-8; 5.3L/310-hp OHV V-8; 6.0L/323-hp OHV V-8; 6.6L/250-hp t-diesel OHV V-8
Drivetrain Front engine, RWD/AWD, 4A/6A
0-60 mph N/A
Seats/foldaway 8-15/none
EPA city/hwy fuel econ 13-15/17-20 mpg (1500)
Basic warranty 3 yrs/36,000 miles
Safety ABS: S; Trac: S; Stab: S; Airbags: 2