Nissan NV2500 (2011)

BASE PRICE RANGE: $25,000-$36,000*

WHAT'S NEW: While specifics remain TBD, next year Nissan will introduce a production version of the NV2500 to compete with vehicles like the Dodge Sprinter and Chevy Express/GMC Savana. The concept NV2500—dubbed a “rolling idea lab”—is based on a modified Titan chassis and features innovative and flexible approaches to storage, access, and utility.

COOL FACT: The NV2500 will be built in Canton, Mississippi, offer a Nissan-Cummins turbodiesel V-8, and use a new ZF automatic trans.

SUM UP: Rethinks the commercial-van formula. (nOT RATED)

RATING: (Not Rated)

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2011 Nissan NV2500
Base engine 5.0L/275-hp t-diesel DOHC V-8*
Optional engine 5.6L/317-hp DOHC V-8*
Drivetrain Front engine, RWD/AWD, 5A*
0-60 mph 10.0-12.0 sec*
Seats/foldaway 2-12/none*
EPA city/hwy fuel econ N/A
Basic warranty 3 yrs/36,000 miles*
Safety ABS: S; Stab: S; Trac: S; Airbags: 2*
Estimated *