Maxiell's Car Collection
It's apropos that Maxiell landed in the Motor City when was drafted by the Pistons in 2005, since he is a staunch supporter of U.S. carmakers.

Maxiell's appreciation of classic American cars was passed down from his grandfather. "He taught me how to read everything about the engine, because it was about the sound, if it sounds different, something's going on, he knew what particular part it was," Maxiell says. "So it was pretty deep. I was shocked that he knew everything about it and I tried to learn as much as I could."

Now Maxiell is meticulous with his cars. Since he can't drive them all, he starts them up. He happened to be running his Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme outside for half an hour during the interview.

When asked why he loves older American cars so much, Maxiell replies, "The strength of the body, the muscle with the engine, and the sleek look of them. I like the long, long cars, especially with the Caprice. I like the long heavy tank cars."

1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
Rating: 10
Maxiell bought the Cutlass Supreme five years ago off eBay for $7,000 knowing it would be his show car. While he hasn't gone through the focused process of entering his cars into awards shows yet, he did enter it in his local DUB Show this year and in the Chicago DUB Show last year.

"I know it's a musclecar. I love speed, so it turned me on," he says. "I first saw one about 10 years ago and I got hooked ever since."

All his cars are winners. "That's most definitely a 10. My guy that I have in Detroit named Nua has his own shop, restored it for me, painted it and everything," Maxiell says. "I'm hands-on with the Camaro, but the show car, I let him pretty much handle that one."

Since he played for the University of Cincinnati (he's second on the Cincinnati career chart for blocked shots with 252), Maxiell likes the red and black and color scheme. "I have the Cincinnati mats with the Cincinnati on the headrest," he says proudly.