First car bought
After the Beetle, Mosley then went on to a slew of hand-me-down cars. "I had a lot of different cars when I was coming up -- a Ford Escort, an Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, a BMW 325i convertible, I would get cars here and there. I had a Dodge Colt. My grandparents gave that to me."

When Mosley was about to turn pro in 1993, he got a signing bonus of $20,000. In a poignant gesture, the first thing he did was buy his dad a car.

"When I got my first bonus I bought my father a brand new car and I bought a used car for myself," Mosley says. "I bought my father a 1992 Thunderbird -- it was $12,000. It was his first brand new car. I got myself a used 1985 BMW 735i."

An emblem of his foray into the professional world of boxing, the old BMW is the only one of his old cars that Mosley still keeps. These days, it's mostly driven by his son Shane Jr. "I fixed it all up, because I like to drive it around every once in a while," he says of the 735i.

"I thought it had a lot of power and it as very smooth," Mosley continues. "It was different from the Ford and even the Cutlass. The Cutlass was nice, too. I fixed that up a little bit. But it just had a nice, smooth ride, and fast. I liked it."

What was that moment like for Mosley to be able to buy his dad the new Ford Thunderbird? "That was a nice experience because that was the first brand new car that he ever got in his life," Mosley recalls. "And I was able to grant his wish. I love him and he loves me. It was just that special bond that we have for each other. I said, 'Well, you never got a new car, here's your new car.' I knew I was going to get me one sooner or later, so I wasn't worried. I just knew someday I was going to be the champ and I was going to be able to do for myself and everybody."