Winner: Toyota Highlander
Runner-Up: Chevrolet Traverse

As you would imagine, while the SUV category shrinks, the crossover one grows. We've seen car-based wagons grow in size and truck-based vehicles change to more fuel-efficient platforms, all of which blurs the line between crossover and sport/utility. For us, though, crossovers are car-based, mostly front drive, and simply can't do the work a midsize SUV can. They typically lack the capability of a ladder-frame sport/utility (payload, cargo space, towing, seating capacity).

In this group, we feel the best crossover is the one that comes closest to SUV-like ability. The Highlander offers a choice of three engines, can tow up to 5000 pounds, and seats seven. It's roomy and reliable, and may not be the most exciting of the bunch, but will provide up to 27 mpg while catering to your people- and gear-hauling needs. Another excellent option is the Traverse, which has more style and can tow 200 pounds more than the Highlander.

AWD Crossover -- A to C
Vehicle Audi Q7 Buick Enclave Cadillac SRX
Base price $47,725 $38,290 $40,230
Wheelbase 118.2 in 119.0 in 110.5 in
Engine 3.6L DOHC V-6 3.6L DOHC V-6 3.0L DOHC V-6
Opt engines 3.0L TD $4000, 4.2L V-8 $14,100   2.8L T V-6 $9410
Power, SAE 280 hp (225, 350) 288 hp 265 hp (300)
Torque, SAE 266 lb-ft (406, 325) 270 lb-ft 223 lb-ft (295)
Airbags Fr, f side, f/r curt Fr, f side, f/r curt Fr, f side, f/r curt
Brakes, f/r Disc/disc, ABS Disc/disc, ABS Disc/disc, ABS
Tires 255/55R18 255/65R18 235/65R17
Fuel cap 26.4 gal 22.0 gal 21.0 gal
EPA fuel econ, city/hwy 14/19 mpg (17/25, 13/18) 16/22 mpg 17/23 mpg (15/21)
Seating cap 7 8 5
Curb weight 5170 lb 4985 lb 4307 lb
GVWR 6746 lb 6460 lb 5467 lb
Payload 72.5 cu ft 115.3 cu ft 61.2 cu ft
Cargo cap 6600 lb 4500 lb 3500 lb
Max towing cap 1500 lb 4400 lb 3500 lb

Don't agree with our winner? Then tell us which vehicle would you have picked as the 2010 Best in Class AWD Crossover in the comment box below.