Step 10:
Now the J-link can be installed. Start by inserting the front bolt in the bracket and link. Then the rear axle can be raised or lowered until the rear eye of the link and the bracket align. The link uses large-diameter rubber bushings to allow some movement for smooth, nonbinding operation.

Step 11:
An additional bracket installs with the rear link bolt, further tying the J-link mount into the leaf spring U-bolts. New U-bolts and lock nuts are provided with the R4Tech system. With all the brackets in place on one side, the bolts can be tightened. The leaf spring and J-link bolts are not torqued until after the truck is sitting on the ground at ride height.

Step 12:
The Firestone Ride-Rite LS shocks use air to adjust the internal valving. They are not air shocks, but use air pressure to provide variable adjustment. As the air pressure in the springs increases, the valving in the shocks is also increased for more load control.

Step 13:
With all the new rear-suspension components installed, Munchel turns his attention to the air-supply system. He threads the air fittings into the storage tank and bolts it to the mounting brackets. The kit uses U-bolts to attach the tank to the frame rail.