Step 1:
The R4Tech system looks intimidating, but installation is easy and requires no drilling or special tools. All the brackets are powdercoated for a durable finish. The kit provides everything you need to complete the installation.

Step 2:
Start by giving the underside of the truck a bath to reduce dirt and road debris. We're using a vehicle lift, but the installation can also be managed with a jack and four heavy-duty jack stands. Make sure the truck is safely secured before removing the wheels. Support the axle on jack stands before removing the leaf spring.

Step 3:
In this GM 2500 application, the original four-leaf spring pack plus helper spring are replaced with a new leaf spring that has one full leaf and one half leaf. Sanluis Rassini is the maker of the original spring and the new one. The components in the R4Tech suspension system are manufactured to OEM standards.

Step 4:
Firestone's Brad Munchel is performing the installation on this truck. He recommends completing one side at a time to keep the rear axle located properly. The J-link front-mounting brackets use the leaf spring mount and the frame rail for location. Bolt the inner bracket to the top of the frame reusing an original bolt.

Step 5:
An outer bracket (arrow) bolts to the inner bracket and frame rail. Brad uses the leaf spring eye bolt for proper alignment. A third bracket clamps the front assembly to the inner frame rail and keeps the front mount from twisting.