Step 6:
The mounting brackets for the height-control adjust valve sandwich the frame rail where the original jounce bumper mounted. These brackets are designed to leave room for typical fifth-wheel mounts against the frame rails. New jounce bumpers are located inside the air springs.

Step 7:
The air spring and lower mount brackets bolt together. The air spring can then be bolted to the assembly.

Step 8:
The air spring assembly mounts atop the axle with U-bolts. The interlocking bracket that sits atop the factory leaf spring perch maintains the original spring pack height and provides a secure mount for the J-link bracket.

Step 9:
The air fitting on top of the air spring inserts into the upper air spring and height-control adjust valve bracket. There is also an alignment pin (arrow) on the air spring that must be inserted into the bracket: This keeps the spring properly located and precludes rotation.