We tested the truck suspension before and after the R4Tech installation; we drove it both unloaded and with 1000 pounds of ballast secured in the Silverado HD's bed. You're familiar with the stock ride: bouncy, jarring, axle wrap under hard acceleration, and a lot of ABS activation as the tires bounce off the ground.

Driving the truck with R4Tech suspension installed and unloaded, we noted a couple differences. First, the freeway chop was greatly reduced. As the truck went over the concrete expansion gaps, that familiar bucking bronco feel was reduced to what you would feel in an average passenger car. The next place we found a significant improvement was on a washboard road. Previously, the back of the truck bounced so much that we felt we were merely aiming the truck down the road. With the R4Tech suspension, we had much greater control and it removed the worst ride qualities.

When we tossed 1000 pounds in the bed, the qualities of the R4Tech system really came to life. First, within seconds, the suspension leveled itself to the original ride height. In addition to looking good, it keeps weight on the front suspension for better control and retains the optimum front suspension height for alignment and handling. With the load, the new suspension actually made this heavy-duty truck a joy to drive and ride in. The ride was much less harsh, and the truck was very easy to handle. We especially noticed the improvement on the washboard road, over railroad tracks, and under heavy braking.