There were SUVs in "Fast Five" as well. McCarthy originally hoped to get four Land Rover Defender 110s to use as police vehicles, but that would've been beyond the vehicle budget (each 110 can cost $50,000 to $60,000). Instead, he found much less expensive International Scout IIs. Each was modified with a Chevy 350 small-block and a Turbo 400 transmission, Postal Jeep-type straight tube front axle, full rollcage, and a Ford 9-inch rearend. Four were built, and they are so heavily disguised that most people won't recognize them as Scouts. Two other key SUVs are two custom GMC Yukons, although a total of nine needed to be built for filming. Some were sacrificed for the sake of a specific scene; some had the right type of cabin for interior shots; some were rigged for scenes with explosions or other stunts.

One of the coolest vehicles used is an Armet Gurkha armored vehicle. (These are said to be tougher than Humvees.) The company lent filmmakers one vehicle, based on a Ford F-550 platform, and built two replicas for "Fast Five" based on the F-350. They were all powered by V-10 engines, and the F-350-based trucks use wheel adapters that make the eight-lugs compatible with 10-lug wheels so the trio looks as close to the same as possible on the screen.

Behind the scenes were also plenty of trucks you wouldn't even know were trucks. Some scenes center around a large bank vault, and for ease of filming and stunts, it made sense to create two vaults that could be driven, both based on Chevrolet pickups. (McCarthy likes to use Chevys when possible, and sticking with Chevy drivetrains makes it easy and cost-effective to find parts when necessary.) The first is a 1985 Chevrolet K30 with a 454 and an automatic; the second, a 1983 pickup powered by a small-block with a four-speed manual. Both have four-wheel steering and a shortened wheelbase. Because they didn't have air conditioning, the stunt driver had to wear a suit with a cooling system during these shots.

"CARS 2"
Along with all the cool cars in Disney-Pixar's "Cars," there also were a few great truck stars. There was Mater, McQueen's best friend; Mack, the truck that served as a race-car carrier, plus a World War II Jeep, a VW bus, fire truck and tractors. Two new vehicles, a truck and an SUV, debut in "Cars 2." The stars include:

John Lassetire The director of "Cars 2," John Lasseter, is the voice of John Lassetire, the movie's new truck. Lassetire is a pit crew chief in the World Grand Prix. This half-ton pickup has styling cues reminiscent of mid-1990s Ford F-150s and early 1980s Dodges (around the headlights).