4wd pickups are tall for a reason. They have to be, or the lower parts of their bodies would get banged up on anything beyond maintained dirt roads, and the mechanicals underneath would take a beating from rocks. Plus, you'd get high-centered pretty easily if it weren't for that adequate clearance under the vehicle.

This of course means the passenger compartment is also higher off the ground. That's why there are various running boards and steps to make it more feasible to overcome the distance between the ground and the comfy confines of the cab.

Usually, those steps and boards require drilling into either the frame, body, or both, creating a new place for rust to start gnawing away. Not so with the Ram side steps from Mopar ($633 for a set for an HD 2500). These steps bolt on without any drilling or welding as if they were made for the Ram. Installing a set is a lazy afternoon's project requiring a minimum of tools, so while you may stop by your local Ram Truck dealer to buy them, there's no reason you couldn't install them yourself.

1. Mopar has the side steps to fit current-generation regular, Quad, and crew cabs. They come with all the hardware, an installation tool, and simple instructions. Seen here is a set for a crew cab, which, like a Quad Cab's, has three mounting brackets per step, while the shorter steps for regular cabs only have two.

2. Mopar has made it as easy as possible to install these steps, but there's one thing keeping it from being a one-tool bolt-on. You need to set the included Rivnuts with the supplied tool. So it's a three-tool job, also calling for a 9/16-inch wrench and a 13mm wrench or socket. Don't sweat it if you don't have a 13mm wrench, as most cheap half-inch wrenches will fit just fine. Likewise, should you have metric rather than standard tools, use a 14mm instead of the 9/16-inch wrench.