Winner: Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra 2500HD
Runner-Up: Ford Super Duty F-250

These are the 3/4-ton trucks you'd see at the job site -- regular-cab trucks with two-wheel drive. When someone is looking at trucks for a fleet, the goal is to get the most capability for the money. Even though the Ram costs a little less -- whether with the gas or diesel engine -- the Silverado HD dominates in towing capacity. It can tow 17,800 pounds, while the Super Duty can pull 16,700 and the Ram 15,500. In addition, the Silverado ties for first in GVWR, and second to the Super Duty in payload capacity. The Super Duty is the runner-up, with great capability and the most torque, gas or diesel.

Work Truck, 3/4-ton 2WD Reg Cab
Vehicle Chevrolet Silverado/ GMC Sierra 2500HD Ford F-250 Super Duty Ram HD 2500
Base price $29,795/$29,795 $30,060 $29,655
Wheelbase 133.7 in 137.0 in 140.5 in
Base engine 6.0L OHV V-8 6.2L SOHC V-8 5.7L OHV V-8
Opt engines 6.6L TD V-8 $7195 6.7L TD V-8 $7835 6.7L TD I-6 $7195
Transmission 6-speed auto 6-speed auto 6-speed man
Opt transmissions 6-speed auto $1200 6-speed auto $1100
Power, SAE 360 hp (397) 385 hp (400) 383 hp (350)
Torque, SAE 380 lb-ft (765) 405 lb-ft (800) 400 lb-ft (650-800)
Airbags Front Front Front, curtain
Brakes, f/r Disc/disc, ABS Disc/disc, ABS Disc/disc, ABS
Tires 265/70R18 E 245/75R17 E 245/70R17 E
Fuel cap 36.0 gal 35.0 gal 35.0 gal
Seating cap 3 3 3
Curb weight 5788 lb 5710 lb 5464 lb
Max GVWR 10,000 lb 10,000 lb 9000 lb
Payload 4192 lb 4290 lb 3190 lb
Max towing cap 17,800 lb 16,500 lb 15,500 lb