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The new Transit's wheelbase of only 147.6 inches seems too short for a vehicle just over 22 feet long in the extended-length model. Transit's rear extension of 28-1/2 inches makes the rear overhang just seem too long and out of proportion aesthetically, and will probably make towing heavy loads that much more difficult. Maintaining proper weight distribution when loaded will also require more attention as well unless it's equipped with dual rear wheels. My present extended Ford E-350, with an extension of only 20 inches by comparison, is already too long at back.It's also disappointing that Ford apparently won't be offering the extended model with the medium roof height since 72-inches is plenty for many buyers. Some potential buyers like me are more interested in load length and floor area than in added height beyond 6 feet.I'm mostly interested in comparisons of the upcoming Ram ProMaster with the new Transit. Although older in design and front-wheel-drive, the ProMaster (if practically a Fiat Ducato in size) may meet my needs better except for the few occasions I tow an RV trailer.

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