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As the owner of a 2011 and now 2014, the QUALITY (or lack thereof) on the 2014 is terrible.  Design/styling?  This is one step closer to a minivan, at $10k more expensive.

The infotainment system (including rear-seat entertainment) is complete and utter trash.  It's slow, buggy, laggy, and unusable.  Forcing the use of the touchscreen for simple operations - requiring eyes off the road - is dangerous.  When it doesn't work (which is most of the time), it's a DOT hazard.  An inability to do 60-80% of operations while in motion - even as a passenger - is terrible.  This is a family vehicle, but Honda apparently is a bunch of arrogant morons who think people drive solo.

Cost-cutting abounds.  No fog lights.  On a $50k vehicle.  Plastics are cut-rate (our airbag cover showed excessive wear after one MONTH).

In summary - get a 2013, avoid the 2014 like the plague.

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