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I'm always amused at how these trucks are advertised as being practically being superheroes by showing them tow some huge trailer or whatnot but don't mention that some of their other ratings might be pathetically low. If I open the driver's side door of my Hemi powered 2013 Ram 4x4 I find a sticker that says:"The combined weight of occupants and cargo should never exceed 934 lbs". According to the CDC, the average male weight in this country is roughly 190 pounds (thank you, McDonalds). So if my 5 passenger truck was to be occupied by 5 average weighing Americans it would exceed the recommended weight by 16 pounds. Yeah, just by them sitting in it. Granted, I am a comparatively trim 170 pounds so if I'm the driver then I guess we'd have a whole 4 pounds of cargo we could safely carry.

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