Winner: Ford F-150 SuperCrew
Runner-Up: Toyota Tundra CrewMax

It seems everything qualifies for this category, from compacts to heavy-duty models, and even one that's based on an SUV platform. We restricted this award to half-tons and smaller. This is the segment of the market most light-duty truck buyers are going to consider, and having space in the cabin is just as important as having a decent-size truck bed and towing capacity. To level the playing field, we followed the same rules as we do with our Truck of the Year event: We compare each candidate with the rest of its competitive set to see which does the best job. The Ford F-150 SuperCrew is still the champ. It was our pick last year, even with engines in dire need of an upgrade, which they got for this year. The base V-6 is a decent work-truck engine; the 5.0-liter V-8 is great for daily driving and towing; the 6.2 has good ol' fashioned horsepower; and the fantastic EcoBoost provides V-8 power and V-6 fuel economy.

Crew Cab Pickup, 2WD -- (Chevrolet - Dodge)
Vehicle Chevrolet Avalanche Chevy Colorado/ GMC Canyon Chevy Silverado/ GMC Sierra Dodge Dakota Crew Cab
Base price $37,060 $24,785/$24,745 $30,370/$30,370 $27,420
Wheelbase 130.0 in 126.0 in 143.5 in 131.3 in
Engine 5.3L OHV V-8 2.9 Turbo L DOHC I-4 4.8L OHV V-8 3.7L SOHC V-6
Opt engines   3.7L V-6 $1000,5.3L V-8 $2300 5.3L V-8 $800, 6.2L V-8 $5625 4.7L V-8 $985
Power, SAE 320 hp 185 hp (242, 300) 302 hp (315, 403) 210 hp (302)
Torque, SAE 335 lb-ft 190 lb-ft (242, 320) 305 lb-ft (335, 417) 235 lb-ft (329)
Airbags Fr, f side, f/r curt Front, f/r curt Front, f side, f/r curt Front
Brakes, f/r Disc/disc, ABS Disc/drum, ABS Disc/drum, ABS Disc/drum, ABS
Tires 265/70R17 235/75R16 245/70R17 265/65R17
Fuel cap 31.0 gal 19.6 gal 26.0 gal 22.0 gal
EPA fuel econ, city/hwy 15/21 mpg 17-18/23-24 (17/23, 14/20) mpg 14/19 (15/21-22, 13/18) mpg 15/20 (14/19) mpg
Seating cap 6 6 6 6
Curb weight 5500 lb 3700 lb 5150 lb 4350 lb
GVWR 7000 lb 5000 lb 7100 lb 6010 lb
Payload 1500 lb 1300 lb 1950 lb 1660 lb
Max towing cap 8100 lb 6000 lb 10,600 lb 7050 lb