In the late 1990s and early 2000s, sport/utility vehicles were vilified as wanton wasters of natural resources, fairly or unfairly lumped in with the Hummer, and criticized by the automotive press for their trucklike, uninspiring driving dynamics. We’re happy to report that narrow definition of SUVs has been blown to smithereens with a broad array of stylish, capable, fun-to-drive offerings in every size and price category.

Even the traditional stalwarts of the segment, the Chevrolet Tahoe, Lincoln Navigator, Range Rover, and Jeep Grand Cherokee have undergone major transformations focused on improving fuel economy, refinement, and capabilities.

If smaller and more carlike are your taste, the compact and midsize crossover class is chock-full of compelling entries such as the Mazda CX-5, the Ford Escape, Lincoln's all-new MKC, Audi's impressive Q5, now with available TDI power, and a whole lineup of crossovers from BMW, from the X1 to the X5.

You can read all about these exciting new entries in our 2014-2015 SUV Buyer's Guide below!


  • 5M: 5-speed manual
  • 6A: 6-speed automatic
  • 6-sp auto-cl man: 6-speed auto-clutch manual
  • 7-sp twin-cl auto: 7-speed twin-clutch automatic
  • BMS: blind-spot monitoring system
  • rear cam: rearview camera
  • FWD: front-wheel drive
  • AWD: all-wheel drive
  • RWD: rear-wheel drive
  • S: standard
  • O: optional
  • N/A: not available

IntelliChoice five-year retained value data may apply to common vehicle variants, not an average of all model variants.

New inside and out, with possible powertrain changes

Mid-cycle change updates, minor powertrain changes

Special editions, significant new features

Minor trim/package changes, new colors