During the recent launch of the 2010 Nissan Patrol in Abu Dhabi, Motor Trend caught up with Patrol program manager Carla Bailo and asked her a few questions about Nissan's SUV plans in North America.

Truck Trend: Have you killed the Armada?

Carla Bailo: Right now it is still TBD. We are going to continue building the current Titan-based model as long as it is physically possible -- meaning as long as it meets all the necessary requirements: emissions, safety, etc.

TT: Where are you going to build it?

CB: In the U.S. at Canton.

TT: I thought NV [Nissan's commercial vehicle designation] was replacing it there?

CB: We are putting commercial vehicles there, but there are two separate lines so fundamentally, we have the capacity to continue to build and we still have demand. So as long as we have the demand, we are going to continue.

If you remember, we were going to make our next Titan off of the Chrysler. When Chrysler was bought by Fiat, that deal was suspended and we are not continuing with that. We are looking at doing another in-house design and we are keeping our options open as to whether we work with someone else.

That new generation may or may not include an SUV, it really depends on what we see in terms of the market segment itself, if there is going to be demand or an opening or if we believe that segment is going away.