Last year, we previewed Acclaim's take on "The Fast and the Furious" compact tuner niche, boasting more than 50 licensed domestic and import cars with authentic physics that can be modified using hundreds of legitimate aftermarket parts to become a unique combination of high-octane simulation and arcade-style racing. Since Acclaim went bankrupt, Juiced was acquired by THQ and delayed a year, with the additional time yielding a more complete game true to the original intent. Juiced packs 53 licensed cars running on over 100 routes through fictional Angel City. True to the genre, the player starts with a budget, buys a car, then strives to enhance the car through a NOPI-catalog worth of licensed aftermarket components. However, the game distinguishes itself with an emphasis on building reputation and competing against eight rival crews. Assignments are doled out, with bets placed to raise your car capital, and the races entered to also raise your respect points. There are fees to attend, enter, and host races, as well as repair the well-detailed damage bringing financial management to the world of illegal street racing. Modifications can be made on complete packages, and their benefits tested on a dynamometer. The urban night racing lacks the luster of Need for Speed: Underground, with less-realistic graphics that look so 2002. The cars sound great, with gritty, authentic audio complementing convincing handling, with the right amount of control and slide to fit this world. We wish the damage was more visible while racing and that the environments were more interactive. Fans of the genre looking for a high-speed fix will find much to like about this game for PC, PS2, and Xbox, especially with online game play for pink slips. We just wonder if the in game dialogue and betting will get old. On sale now.