Ever wish you could race through the desert in a big rig while crushing opponents who get in your way? Well now you can, in the off-road free-for-all game MotorStorm for Sony's much sought-after Playstation 3. MotorStorm, developed by SCEE, is an arcade-style off-road race and music festival that allows players to race in the middle of the desert, in a game that reminds us of what might happen if Mad Max were to attend Burning Man. Set in the fictitious desert environment of Monument Valley, MotorStorm takes full advantage of the processing power of the PS3 system to deliver an extreme racing event where the goal is to not only win, but to survive.

The game is very visually appealing, showing off the true capabilities of the new PS3 system, and is very straightforward and easy to jump into. Players can drive various types of off-road vehicles from motorcycles and ATV's to rally cars and big rigs, all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, ranging from agility and speed to pure muscle.

The controls are easy to learn, making this game accessible to even the most novice of video gamers. The motion-sensitive wireless Sony Sixaxis handset can be programmed to detect the player's hand movements and operate like a steering wheel, or can be directed using the thumbstick for more traditional control. Each off-road course is different from the next and selecting which vehicle to use for each course is part of the strategy to winning the race and becoming champion of the MotorStorm festival. The tracks feature muddy ravines, rock cliffs, and various jumps and obstacles to watch out for. Depending on which vehicle you choose, you can ram, smash, or flip your opponents over to help make winning the race an easy task.

Damage physics affect the handling of the vehicle until it is undriveable or crashes, in which case pressing X rebuilds the vehicle with a small time penalty. Impact on the enviroment is permanent, so ruts in the road remain, lap after lap, to affect drivers as the round progresses. Tapping into the power of the PlayStation 3 system, MotorStorm will showcase cinematic effects such as motion blur, depth-of-field, and Hollywood-style "crash cams" that replay spectacular crash sequences during a race. "Ragdoll" physics are also employed when drivers are ejected from their vehicle, but without blood and gore so the game retains a "T" for teen rating.

For those looking for some off-road fun or a smashing good time, MotorStorm delivers hours of great game play with equally good audio and visuals. With online gaming allowing up to a dozen players to race together, and downloadable content available MotorStorm is sure to be a game to check out when it hits stores this March.