Off-road truck racers can continue enjoying their favorite sport in the comfort of their own homes when THQ's BAJATM:Edge of ControlTM video game is released for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360. The game will feature the largest unpredictable terrains in the most realistic off-road racing game ever created.

The game will give players the ability to build the ultimate off-road machine capable of trekking over huge mountains and racing along steep cliffs. Other environments include thick mud settings and deep canyons. The game contains more than 160 real-life sponsored off-road vehicles, including Trophy Trucks and off-road buggies. In an exclusive agreement with BFGoodrich Tires and acknowledgement of its dedication to its desert racing heritage, all in-game vehicles will ride on BFGoodrich tires. In the game, the vehicles can be upgraded with performance accessories by stopping at BFGoodrich Tires pit areas. Vehicle upgrades feature real-life authentic parts that affect each vehicle's performance.

The game is set to be released in September. Tom Jupena, marketing communications manager at BFGoodrich Tires, shared his view of the game: "The BAJATM:Edge of ControlTM racing game pushes the envelope of gaming realism and detail to a whole new level and we are thrilled to be involved."

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Source: BFGoodrich Tires Press Release