November/December 2008
Truck & SUV gear from such manufactures as Master Lock, Vararam Industries, Leatherman Tool Group, and more!

Garage Flooring
The G-Floor uses 10-foot-wide rolls of polyvinyl pad to protect the floor of your garage, and has channels that send runoff out the door and can serve as an effective water and vapor barrier. It's easy to clean and will keep oil and other fluids from seeping through. Better Life Technology; 913/894-0403.

Trailer Safe
Master Lock's trailer receiver lock and key safe lets you secure small valuables, such as spare keys, your wallet, and credit cards, at your trailer hitch. This is especially handy for outdoorsmen who don't want to have to carry (and risk losing) these items while hunting or fishing, also helpful on a work site. It works with nearly any trailer hitch, and the safe uses a four-digit combination that you set. Master Lock; 800/464-2088.

Chevrolet Ram (Air)
Vararam's Tri-Power air intake is said to be a true ram air system that bolts directly on, without any cutting or drilling, and can add 25-50 horsepower and improve fuel economy by one to three mpg. It comes with a CAD-designed upper plenum box, two five-inch ram air hoses, a reusable Green air filter, relocated MAF meter, and twin air scoops, and it flows more than 2000 cfm. It fits all 2006-2008 1500 and 2500 GM trucks and SUVs with 4.8-, 5.3-, and 6.0-liter engines. Vararam Industries; 866/507-2648.

Diesel Exhaust
MBRP manufactures several performance exhaust systems to back diesel engines, including the application seen here for the diesel Grand Cherokee. These systems use smooth mandrel bends and reduced bend-degree angles for better airflow. The Pro Series uses T304 stainless, the XP Series is made from T409 stainless, and the Installer Series is made of heavy-duty aluminized steel. Each comes with a mirror-polished T304 stainless tip. MBRP; 888/636-7223.


Firestone Industrial ProductsTM Coil-Rite air helper springs are available for coil-sprung Jeeps. These adjustable springs fit inside the existing coil"the driver increases or decreases air pressure depending on road and load conditions, made easier with the optional Air-Rite dashmounted pushbutton system. The springs, available for the Wrangler (including Rubicon and Unlimited), Commander, Liberty, and Grand Cherokee, can improve stability, keep the vehicle level, prevent bottoming out, and keep the headlights properly aimed. Firestone Industrial Products; 800/888-0650.

Seeing The Light
Leatherman, known for its multitools, has expanded its product line to include LED lights. The Serac lights range in size from those you can keep on your keychain (S1 and S2) to the pocket-size S3. The Serac S1 delivers 6 lumens and the S2 puts out 5 and 35 on its two settings. The Serac S3 is 3.2 inches and 2.6 ounces, yet puts out 7, 43, and 100 lumens on its three settings--on one battery. The body is hard-anodized aluminum, and the lights use stainless-steel bezels. Leatherman Tool Group; 800/847-8665.

Improving The View
If your truck or SUV isn't equipped with the proper side mirrors, it'll be nearly impossible to see what's around you when towing. Valley offers a set of extension tow mirrors that fit on any SUV, pickup truck, and van side mirrors that are between 4.0 and 11.5 inches tall. The extension has a 5.0x7.5-inch oval face, adding extra visibility around a trailer. Valley; 209/368-8881.

RV Storage
Whether you're driving a motorhome, van, truck, or SUV, it's easy for people to see what you have inside your vehicle. SentrySafe's AS-1 autosafe can keep GPS units, PDAs, cameras, and cell-phones out of sight. The inside of the container is foam lined to protect cargo, and the unit, which can fit under a seat, uses a key lock and two steel locking bolts. SentrySafe; 800/828-1438.