March & April
Truck & SUV gear from such manufactures as Rancho, Rhino, Valley Industries, and more!

Gear Vendors Overdrive
Pictured here is the newest addition to Gear Vendors' line of overdrive products for trucks, SUVs, and motorhomes. This overdrive, which allows the engine to run at lower rpm, is designed for four-wheel-drive HD Duramax-equipped trucks and is said to improve fuel economy by 20 percent (when not towing). Gear Vendors, Inc.; 800/999-9555.

Cummins Electric Fan
Flex-a-lite's fan system for 2003-2008 Cummins-equipped Rams replaces the heavier OE steel clutch unit. The system includes two 15-inch fans in an aluminum shroud and comes with variable speed control. Changing out the fan reduces the load on the engine while improving the cooling system, a combination that will improve towing and fuel economy. Max GCWR is 18,000 pounds. Flex-a-lite; 800/851-1510.

Medium-Duty Ride-Rite
Firestone Industrial Products expanded its line of Ride-Rite suspension products to include applications for the Ford and GM medium-duty trucks. The Ride-Rite system, which uses mounts at the factory locations, is designed to maximize a truck's safe load-carrying capacity, stability, and ride quality. It uses air pressure to adjust the air-helper springs, which reduces tire wear, levels off-center loads, and increases vehicle stability. Firestone Industrial Products; 317/818-8600.

Heavy-Duty Brakes
SSBC released a six-piston aluminum brake caliper designed to work on three-quarter- and one-ton trucks. The pistons are made of stainless steel and powdercoating is available. Three- and six-piston applications are available for many half-ton pickups and SUVs. Stainless Steel Brakes Corp.; 800/448-7722.

Sub Zero Intercooler
ATS' Sub Zero intercooler, made for use in light-duty diesel trucks, is built to lower the compressed air temperature from the turbocharger by up to 200 degrees F. The cooler air is denser, helping maximize the engine's performance, lowering firing pressures, and minimizing stress on the engine. ATS Diesel Performance; 866/490-5571.

Adjust My Ride
Rancho's newest suspension product is MyRide, an in-cab shock-adjustment system. It's operated through a wireless controller that works with any Rancho RS9000 shocks and comes with presets for Highway, Sport, Tow/Haul, and Off-Road, plus a custom ride setting the driver can create. The controller has a backlit screen and is water resistant. Rancho; 734/384-7804.

Go Rhino! designed Step-N-Tow to make it easier to reach cargo stowed on your sport/utility's roof or in your pickup's truck bed. And when you want to tow, the step can stay intact. It's made from high-grade aluminum alloy and comes in polished or black-powdercoat finishes. Go Rhino!; 888/427-4466.

Eezy Wheel Lift
This air jack is built to make it easier to change a flat tire, especially useful in the middle of nowhere. The air needed to lift the wheel/tire is supplied by the tire itself. The lift stores in a small space but can hold up to 175 pounds.Extreme Outback Products; 866/447-7711.

Severe-Weather Hitches
A new line of hitches from Valley Industries now includes integrated wiring, helping protect the electrical components from the elements and severe weather. These hitches are available with four-flat and seven-way sealed connectors. Valley Industries; 209/368-8881.

Revolution Cover
Extang's latest tonneau cover, the Revolution, is an ultra-low-profile roll cover that doesn't attach with Velcro, snaps, or peel adhesive. It uses a four-way tension system to keep the cover tight in any weather. It's available for all late-model trucks and some classics. Extang; 800/877-2588.