November/December 2008
Truck & SUV gear from such manufactures as Master Lock, Vararam Industries, Leatherman Tool Group, and more!

Garage Flooring
The G-Floor uses 10-foot-wide rolls of polyvinyl pad to protect the floor of your garage, and has channels that send runoff out the door and can serve as an effective water and vapor barrier. It's easy to clean and will keep oil and other fluids from seeping through. Better Life Technology; 913/894-0403.

Trailer Safe
Master Lock's trailer receiver lock and key safe lets you secure small valuables, such as spare keys, your wallet, and credit cards, at your trailer hitch. This is especially handy for outdoorsmen who don't want to have to carry (and risk losing) these items while hunting or fishing, also helpful on a work site. It works with nearly any trailer hitch, and the safe uses a four-digit combination that you set. Master Lock; 800/464-2088.

Chevrolet Ram (Air)
Vararam's Tri-Power air intake is said to be a true ram air system that bolts directly on, without any cutting or drilling, and can add 25-50 horsepower and improve fuel economy by one to three mpg. It comes with a CAD-designed upper plenum box, two five-inch ram air hoses, a reusable Green air filter, relocated MAF meter, and twin air scoops, and it flows more than 2000 cfm. It fits all 2006-2008 1500 and 2500 GM trucks and SUVs with 4.8-, 5.3-, and 6.0-liter engines. Vararam Industries; 866/507-2648.

Diesel Exhaust
MBRP manufactures several performance exhaust systems to back diesel engines, including the application seen here for the diesel Grand Cherokee. These systems use smooth mandrel bends and reduced bend-degree angles for better airflow. The Pro Series uses T304 stainless, the XP Series is made from T409 stainless, and the Installer Series is made of heavy-duty aluminized steel. Each comes with a mirror-polished T304 stainless tip. MBRP; 888/636-7223.


Firestone Industrial ProductsTM Coil-Rite air helper springs are available for coil-sprung Jeeps. These adjustable springs fit inside the existing coil"the driver increases or decreases air pressure depending on road and load conditions, made easier with the optional Air-Rite dashmounted pushbutton system. The springs, available for the Wrangler (including Rubicon and Unlimited), Commander, Liberty, and Grand Cherokee, can improve stability, keep the vehicle level, prevent bottoming out, and keep the headlights properly aimed. Firestone Industrial Products; 800/888-0650.

Seeing The Light
Leatherman, known for its multitools, has expanded its product line to include LED lights. The Serac lights range in size from those you can keep on your keychain (S1 and S2) to the pocket-size S3. The Serac S1 delivers 6 lumens and the S2 puts out 5 and 35 on its two settings. The Serac S3 is 3.2 inches and 2.6 ounces, yet puts out 7, 43, and 100 lumens on its three settings--on one battery. The body is hard-anodized aluminum, and the lights use stainless-steel bezels. Leatherman Tool Group; 800/847-8665.

Improving The View
If your truck or SUV isn't equipped with the proper side mirrors, it'll be nearly impossible to see what's around you when towing. Valley offers a set of extension tow mirrors that fit on any SUV, pickup truck, and van side mirrors that are between 4.0 and 11.5 inches tall. The extension has a 5.0x7.5-inch oval face, adding extra visibility around a trailer. Valley; 209/368-8881.

RV Storage
Whether you're driving a motorhome, van, truck, or SUV, it's easy for people to see what you have inside your vehicle. SentrySafe's AS-1 autosafe can keep GPS units, PDAs, cameras, and cell-phones out of sight. The inside of the container is foam lined to protect cargo, and the unit, which can fit under a seat, uses a key lock and two steel locking bolts. SentrySafe; 800/828-1438.

September/ October 2008
Truck & SUV gear from such manufactures as Transfer Flow, Inc., Damar Trucks, BlackLine GPS, and more!

Strong as an Aux
New for 1999-2008 Ford F-350/450/550 chassis cabs is this 50-gallon midship fuel tank from Transfer Flow. The tank can replace the smaller stock midship tank or be used as an aux fuel system on chassis with an aft fuel tank. Made from 12- and 14-gauge aluminized steel and powdercoated black, the baffled tank comes with new straps and all necessary mounting hardware. Auxiliary applications also include a system that displays fuel volume and automatically transfers fuel between the two tanks. Transfer Flow, Inc.; 800/442 0056.

Lock and Load
Damar's Workman Series truck decks feature up to six lockable storage compartments, depending on bed length, which are equipped with removable polyethylene containers. Each deck is constructed from durable aluminum diamond plate, ranging in thickness from 0.08 to 0.19 inch. The decks are designed to fit specific truck applications, and the weather-resistant compartments are secured with rotary T-handle latches and sealed with a neoprene rubber gasket. Damar Trucks; 888/840-1801.

Wireless Vehicle Tracking
BlackLine's GPS Snitch uses GPS technology and the wireless data capability of cell-phones to let you track the location of vehicles in your fleet (or your family's corral) via the Internet. The GPS Snitch is self contained, doesn't need to be mounted to the vehicle, and is even small enough to be hidden within a motorcycle. It also features a motion-detection system that will send a text message if it senses motion, or if a vehicle leaves a preset security perimeter. BlackLine GPS; 866/859-4118.

Black Mambas
These wheels from Mamba are part of the company's Off-Road line of alloys. There are four styles available (the Type M4 is seen here) in sizes ranging from 17 to 22 inches. The wheels have a diamond-cut clear-coated finish, and some include forged 6061 aluminum trim bolts, studs, and nuts (depending on wheel style). Mamba Wheels; 800/735-2822.

Mr. Plow
Turn your 2007-2008 FJ Cruiser into a snow-clearing machine with this front-mounted Snowsport HD Utility Plow. It's made from corrosion-resistant, hardened anodized aluminum and uses a one-inch-thick rubber-coated cutting edge that will move compacted snow without damaging terrain. Plows are available for many late-model trucks and SUVs. Agri-Cover; 800/233-4655.

Better Venting
BD's new Crank Case Vent filter kit, available for Ford 6.0- and 7.3-liter Power Strokes, is said to reduce crankcase oil vapor that passes through the crankcase vent, contaminating the intake system. Oil vapor residue can reduce turbocharger and intercooler efficiency and can deteriorate the silicone boots. This kit collects oil vapor in a one-quart container with a drain petcock. BD Diesel Performance; 800/887-5030.

July & August
Truck & SUV gear from such manufactures as Transfer Flow, Agri-Cover, Leer, and more!

White Night Bright Lights
Cruiser Stainless Accessories' White Night rear lighting system can make it easier and safer to back up a tow vehicle in the dark. The system uses two 55-watt halogen lamps encased in black plastic, which throws an 80-foot spread of light behind the vehicle when it's in reverse. The system also comes with a toggle switch so you can turn the lights on manually. Cruiser Stainless Accessories; 888/884-7637.

Diesel Pipes
Seen here is Borla's stainless-steel cat-back system for 2007-2008 2500/3500 Chevrolet Silverados/GMC Sierras equipped with the 6.6-liter Duramax turbodiesel. The CNC-manufactured exhaust uses straight-through routing, smooth mandrel bends, and multi-core technology, all said to improve performance. Borla; 877/GO-BORLA (462-6752).

Pavement Grabbers
General's Grabber HTS is an all-season tire using ultra-high-strength steel belts (longer life), three kinds of siping (improved performance), and a new tread cushioning system (quieter, more comfortable ride). There are more than 30 sizes offered for 15- to 20-inch wheels in Q, S, T, H, and V speed ratings. General Tire; 800/TIRE-FIX (847-3349).

Greener Cleaner
Eco Touch is a line of spray-on, wipe-off green car-care products that includes waterless car wash, dash and trim protectant, metal and chrome polish, and carpet and upholstery cleaner. These water-based products don't use harsh solvents, VOCs, or petroleum distillates, instead employing high concentrations of biodegradable agents, soy-based solvents, and polishing materials. Eco Touch; 603/305-5747.

Mac Vac
Mac Tools has introduced a choice of new wet/dry vacuum cleaners. The stainless-steel cleaners come in five- or 13-gallon sizes; both come with a floor brush, crevice tool, five-foot flexible hose, and a two-piece extension tube accessory kit. The four-horsepower motor delivers 160 cfm airflow. Mac Tools; 800/MAC-TOOLS (622-8665).

Hot Links
Kelderman manufactures four-link suspension systems for medium-duty trucks, allowing the truck to ride at stock height without losing load capacity. They come with a dump feature that allows the truck to be lowered three to four inches for easier loading/unloading. The setup replaces the leaf springs and also includes four Firestone airbags, all hardware components, bolts, and instructions. Kelderman Manufacturing; 800/334-6150.

More Pep In Your Step
AMP Research's newest Power Step is for the all-new 2008 Toyota Sequoia. The step is a full-length runningboard that automatically lowers when any door opens. When the doors close, the board retracts under the rocker panel. Controlling the step is a weathertight motor and drive system. Each step is rated to carry 600 pounds and to prevent pinching, it will stop moving if it encounters resistance. AMP Research; 888/983-2209.

Brute Force
AEM's Brute Force is available for 2007 Dodge Rams equipped with the 6.7-liter Cummins turbodiesel. To fit in the tight confines of the engine bay, the intake's 21-inch inlet pipe is constructed from roto-molded polypropylene, which is more heat resistant. The intake comes with an oil-free reusable filter that's said to increase airflow by up to 81 percent more than stock. Intakes are available for late-model Cummins, Duramax, and Power Stroke engines. AEM; 310/484-2322.

In The Dog House
The PupHut, used to protect dogs from the elements, just got safer. Now every PupHut comes with the company's three-point dog restraint. The restraint prevents your dog from being thrown from the bed; the canopy protects Rex from debris and extreme heat. The PupHut, which uses a powdercoated steel frame and a UV-protective coating on the canopy, fits most full-size pickup trucks-no tools required. M4 Products; 866/4-PUPHUT (478-7488).

March & April
Truck & SUV gear from such manufactures as Transfer Flow, Agri-Cover, Leer, and more!

Snow Performance's MPG MAX system was designed to increase torque, decrease exhaust-gas temps, and improve fuel economy. An injection-management controller sprays a small amount of water/methanol, providing power without causing more diesel fuel to be injected. A second injection stage adds more fluid for more power. The system's LCD screen displays boost, EGT, and injection-pump output. Snow Performance; 866/365-2762.

Strip Search
Ever have to fish for a screwdriver from your toolbox in the dark? Truck Covers USA makes sets of LED light strips that can be installed inside a toolbox or in the truck bed itself. American Cargo Lights are offered in three- and four-foot lengths, come with an on/off switch and two-way jumper and power connectors, and can be powered with a battery pack or wired into the truck's electrical system. Truck Covers USA; 858/622-9135.

Jack Squat
The Jack Rack provides a way to store your floor jack on the wall of your garage, out of the way when not in use. The steel powdercoated rack, built to hold up to 100 pounds, is made for use with aluminum and aluminum/steel jacks. The formed cradle is 5-3/4 inches wide; any jack with an inside width larger than that can be stored on this rack. T&J Manufacturing; 727/462-9968.

Outdoor Life
Looking for an easier way to tote your outdoor goodies? Leer's Adventure Package is available as a special add-on to any fiberglass Leer tonneau cover. It includes a Thule roof-rack system with optional accessories, ceiling-mounted nylon gear net, interior carpet headliner, three-way 12-volt power outlet block, and dual dome lights. Leer; 800/444-5337.

ATV Receiver
Agri-Cover's two-inch all-terrain vehicle rear receiver can make your trail machine a tow machine. The application-specific receiver installs to the ATV ball-mount hitch. Receivers are currently offered for the Kawasaki Brute Force, Suzuki King Quad, Yamaha Grizzly, and Honda Rancher. Agri-Cover; 888/357-5091.

Getting Tanked
Transfer Flow's latest diesel fuel tank includes a toolbox. The bed-mounted tank holds 40 gallons; the box has more than 5-1/2 cubic feet of storage space. The powdercoated toolbox/tank is made from 14-gauge aluminized steel and is baffled in two places on all four sides; the tank comes pre-assembled. The unit will fit in full-size short- and longbed Dodge, Ford, and GM HD pickups. Transfer Flow; 800/442-0056.

March & April
Truck & SUV gear from such manufactures as Rancho, Rhino, Valley Industries, and more!

Gear Vendors Overdrive
Pictured here is the newest addition to Gear Vendors' line of overdrive products for trucks, SUVs, and motorhomes. This overdrive, which allows the engine to run at lower rpm, is designed for four-wheel-drive HD Duramax-equipped trucks and is said to improve fuel economy by 20 percent (when not towing). Gear Vendors, Inc.; 800/999-9555.

Cummins Electric Fan
Flex-a-lite's fan system for 2003-2008 Cummins-equipped Rams replaces the heavier OE steel clutch unit. The system includes two 15-inch fans in an aluminum shroud and comes with variable speed control. Changing out the fan reduces the load on the engine while improving the cooling system, a combination that will improve towing and fuel economy. Max GCWR is 18,000 pounds. Flex-a-lite; 800/851-1510.

Medium-Duty Ride-Rite
Firestone Industrial Products expanded its line of Ride-Rite suspension products to include applications for the Ford and GM medium-duty trucks. The Ride-Rite system, which uses mounts at the factory locations, is designed to maximize a truck's safe load-carrying capacity, stability, and ride quality. It uses air pressure to adjust the air-helper springs, which reduces tire wear, levels off-center loads, and increases vehicle stability. Firestone Industrial Products; 317/818-8600.

Heavy-Duty Brakes
SSBC released a six-piston aluminum brake caliper designed to work on three-quarter- and one-ton trucks. The pistons are made of stainless steel and powdercoating is available. Three- and six-piston applications are available for many half-ton pickups and SUVs. Stainless Steel Brakes Corp.; 800/448-7722.

Sub Zero Intercooler
ATS' Sub Zero intercooler, made for use in light-duty diesel trucks, is built to lower the compressed air temperature from the turbocharger by up to 200 degrees F. The cooler air is denser, helping maximize the engine's performance, lowering firing pressures, and minimizing stress on the engine. ATS Diesel Performance; 866/490-5571.

Adjust My Ride
Rancho's newest suspension product is MyRide, an in-cab shock-adjustment system. It's operated through a wireless controller that works with any Rancho RS9000 shocks and comes with presets for Highway, Sport, Tow/Haul, and Off-Road, plus a custom ride setting the driver can create. The controller has a backlit screen and is water resistant. Rancho; 734/384-7804.

Go Rhino! designed Step-N-Tow to make it easier to reach cargo stowed on your sport/utility's roof or in your pickup's truck bed. And when you want to tow, the step can stay intact. It's made from high-grade aluminum alloy and comes in polished or black-powdercoat finishes. Go Rhino!; 888/427-4466.

Eezy Wheel Lift
This air jack is built to make it easier to change a flat tire, especially useful in the middle of nowhere. The air needed to lift the wheel/tire is supplied by the tire itself. The lift stores in a small space but can hold up to 175 pounds.Extreme Outback Products; 866/447-7711.

Severe-Weather Hitches
A new line of hitches from Valley Industries now includes integrated wiring, helping protect the electrical components from the elements and severe weather. These hitches are available with four-flat and seven-way sealed connectors. Valley Industries; 209/368-8881.

Revolution Cover
Extang's latest tonneau cover, the Revolution, is an ultra-low-profile roll cover that doesn't attach with Velcro, snaps, or peel adhesive. It uses a four-way tension system to keep the cover tight in any weather. It's available for all late-model trucks and some classics. Extang; 800/877-2588.

January & February
Truck & SUV gear from such manufactures as Gale Banks', SuspensionMAXX, Covercraft Industries and more!

Monster Sound
Gale Banks' Monster exhaust is available for 1999-2006 Silverados and Sierras equipped with the 4.3, 4.8, 5.3, and 6.0-liter gas engines. Each system, which uses stainless-steel mandrel-bent three-inch pipes, a high-flow muffler, and a polished angle-cut tip, bolts behind the catalytic converter. The Monster exhaust is said to reduce backpressure by up to 94 percent and improve airflow, increasing acceleration. Gale Banks Engineering; 800/277-1991.

Give It A Lift
SuspensionMAXX's MaxxCam 2 is a fully adjustable lever that works with all torsion-bar-equipped 1988-2008 full-size GM trucks and SUVs. It can provide up to three inches of lift or drop and is said to accomplish this without affecting ride quality. Each piece is made from 4140 alloy steel. The company also manufactures a torsion-bar unloader tool that makes the levers quick to install. SuspensionMAXX; 888/629-9226.

Goose Bumps
Mopar now offers a new gooseneck trailer hitch for Ram Heavy-Duty trucks. It mounts directly to the frame rails under the bed with an available installation kit, with no welding. The trailer hitch ball has a quick-release handle, allowing the truck bed to be made flat when the hitch isn't in use. The powdercoated hitch is made for 2005-and-later 2500/3500 Rams. Mopar; 800/356-3490.

Light Fare
Hella offers new headlight and taillight upgrades for 2004-2008 F-150s. Sold as one package or as separate components, the upgrades include blacked-out headlights, composite grille with a pair of Hella Rallye 4000 Compact Series driving lights, LED taillights, a cab-mounted brakelight, and a wiring harness. Hella, Inc.; 877/224-3552.

Red-Light District
Red-light cameras are typically put at dangerous intersections, which is why Cobra Electronics has integrated a speed camera/red-light camera alert into its XRS R9G radar/laser detector. This radar detector uses a GPS locator that includes a database of speed and red-light camera locations and warns you when approaching dangerous intersections. Cobra Electronics; 773/889-3087.

Bring the look of camouflage to your truck's cab with the addition of Covercraft's SeatSaver covers. There are three patterns to choose from--Conceal Brown, Conceal Green, and Flooded Timber--on the polyester covers, which have a water-repellent coating. They're application specific and machine washable. Covercraft Industries; 800/426-8377.

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