“Like a Rock.” “Built Ford Tough.” “Ram Tough.” Even today, those old-school slogans sum up the brawny attitude and rugged dependability that draw people to pickups. These workhorses show up in all walks of life and in virtually every industry (and, if you have a friend who is moving, you know you’ll get a call). Not only are they durable, but the ways in which you can put the bed to use are practically endless—load it up, stack it full, haul around weekend toys, job-site tools, and said friend’s couch—you name it. But the bed can be easily transformed into something even more functional and more specialized, so we’ve rounded up commercial-grade shells, custom beds and bodies, and a few other clever gizmos to help you make that truck an all-in-one rolling assistant.

Xtreme Living

There’s a new truck body in town—the Xtreme Pro-Hauler from Alum-Line. It’s a hybrid of the ideal kind: hauler body mated to tons of storage space. Because it has a low profile, you can pull a fifth-wheel trailer or add other cargo to the bed. Louvers and lights in the bulkhead, a louvered tailgate, and a rear step bumper are standard equipment, and the body is made from heavy-gauge aluminum construction. It can fit any make or model of truck with up to a 26,000-pound GVW.

Alum-Line; 800/446-1407.

All Hands on TruckDeck

Probably the only curse of a truck bed is that you can get in a habit of tossing stuff in there haphazardly. And then of course you can’t find anything easily. What we like about the DAMAR TruckDeck system are the removable Load-N-Go containers, lockable hatches, and recessed CargoDeck surface that can support large materials and equipment. Two of the prepackaged configurations are the Standard and the Professional. The Standard is good for do-it-yourselfer everyday use, while the Professional is for the more serious usage of a pro.

DAMAR TruckDeck; 888/840-1801.

Make Mine the Deluxe

The Deluxe Commercial Unit cap from A.R.E. will fit full-size and compact pickups, both domestic and import. It features a fully welded aluminum frame, with an exterior skin constructed from 0.035-inch aluminum. More than 100 options are available to tailor the DCU for how you use your truck—that includes picking the door and window configuration, as well as various add-ons such as tool boxes, ladder racks, interior fabric, and side panels. Customizing the DCU comes down to even the cap height, from 23 to 36 inches.

A.R.E.; 800/649-4ARE.

Fleeting Moment

DiamondBack’s Fleet package includes an SE cover, tool boxes, a shovel strap, and a range pole holder. The custom side tool boxes mount to the underside of the cover, and they’re unique in that they will allow you to store tools at the edge of the truck, right within reach. The tool boxes are sealed on top with the panels of the SE bedcover when closed. Several lengths are available: 24 inches for an 8-foot bed, 18 inches for a 6.5-foot bed, and 15-inch boxes for a 5.5-foot bed.

DiamondBack; 800/935-4002.