Edge Products Version 2.0 Evolution CS and CTS programmers offer handheld tuning for select Ford and GM trucks and SUVs. Supported Fords include 1994-current Power Stroke-equipped trucks and 1997-08 F-150s. GM applications include 1999-current trucks and SUVs with V-8 gassers and 2001-present Duramax-powered trucks.

The CS and CTS tuners stand for “color screen” and “color touch-screen,” respectively, and plug directly into a truck’s OBD-II port. From there, the Evolution tuners are capable of displaying up to 8 vehicle parameters at a single time, which includes everything from operating temperatures to real-time fuel economy. The C S and CTS can also be used as scan tools and to display digital gauges.

The Evolution CS features a full-color, high-resolution 2.4-inch, button-controlled screen, while the CTS utilizes a larger, 4.3-inch touch-screen with a separate video-in port. Both tuners come with rugged case designs and in-car mounting solutions. All-new Edge MyStyle software allows owners to create or load a custom image as the background screen and light sensitivity meters automatically adjust screen brightness for optimal viewing.

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