Firestone Industrial Products is offering Level-Rite helper springs for the 2009 Dodge Ram 2500/3500, an ideal solution to Rams with heavily loaded front ends. The springs feature a fully protected air spring paired with a Bilstein monotube shock absorber and comes with all necessary components, including polyurethane bushings and air line tubing and fittings. Once installed, the overload springs should help level the front end, increase ground clearance, and improve vehicle control and stability. The truck’s improved stance will improve suspension component lifespan and reduce bottoming and suspension fatigue.

"When weight is added to a vehicle's front end by extra equipment and accessories, suspension components can begin to wear down prematurely," said Todd Green, regional sales manager for Firestone Industrial Products, Ride-Rite division. "Level-Rite is designed to reduce suspension fatigue by preventing factory torsion bars and coil springs from sagging under heavy loads."

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