Prolong Engine Treatment is a pour-in motor oil additive formulated to offer additional engine protection from friction and heat. The treatment is based on Prolong’s Anti-Friction Metal Treatment technology and coats metal surfaces in the oil-lubricated engine sections to prevent metal-on-metal grinding. Motor oil viscosity is not affected.

Engine Treatment is available in 8- (0.25 quarts) and 12-ounce (0.375 quarts) sizes. The standard 12-ounce treatment is intended for vehicles with 4- to 5-quart crankcases, while the 8-ounce Booster size is used to refresh a preexisting treatment’s protection qualities. For vehicles with larger crankcases, Prolong recommends adding an Engine Treatment fill equivalent to 10 percent of the crankcase’s oil volume.

Prolong Engine Treatment also comes with a free Limited Lifetime Product Engine Warranty. For all terms, conditions, and qualifications, visit the Prolong Web site.

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