Want to brush up on your towing knowledge? The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers has published “The Trailer Handbook: A Guide to Understanding Trailers and Towing Safety.” Penned by Richard Klein and Clint Lancaster, the 142-page book discusses the dynamics of proper towing and provides key information on all aspects of trailer use, including details on couplers, safety chains, lights, and trailer brakes. Whether you are a grizzled veteran or towing novice, “The Trailer Handbook” is sure to have useful information for everyone.

Here is what Mike Skoglund, Operations VP of Carry-On Trailer, had to say about the book:

“Amazing job taking a tedious subject -- melting it down to its most basic bite-size issues -- and gradually building it back with substantial knowledge of how to tow, how to load, what to look for … [the authors] did a fabulous job with this project… it took me years to pick this up and [they] put it into a two-hour read.”

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