ARB’s Safari Snorkel System for the 2007-current Jeep JK Wrangler protects the engine from water and dust ingestion. The snorkel relocates the stock air intake position to a point that is approximately 28 inches higher, allowing for proper water fording. In addition to reducing the risk of engine hydrolock, the elevated induction point also draws cooler air into the combustion chambers. Air filter elements are also protected from excessive dust and debris during off-road adventures. Snorkel features include:

  • UV stable crosslinked polyethylene body for extra strength
  • High-flow air ducting and body ensures air supply in excess of engine requirements
  • Each component is designed for maximum dust and water sealing
  • Stainless-steel and plated hardware for corrosion resistance
  • Fully compatible with optional 7- or 10-inch precleaners
  • Unique evacuation system effectively disperses rain and unwanted moisture
  • Completely Australian designed and manufactured

The Safari Snorkel System is available for both U.S.- and foreign-spec JK Wranglers, powered by either the gasoline 3.8-liter V-6 or VM Motori 2.8-liter diesel inline-four.

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