Katech Performance’s newest engine is the race-prepped Desert Attack 500 V-8 for off-road trucks. The 8.2-liter V-8 features a diesel-like 14:1 compression ratio, a solid roller Jesel valvetrain, strengthened internals, and an individual throttle-body setup. On a dynamometer, the 500-cubic-inch block puts out 812 horsepower and 775 pound-feet of torque.

"Off-road trucks need torque and they need it down low," says Jason Harding, Katech Performance’s director of aftermarket operations. "One of the best features about the Desert Attack 500 is not just that is makes 812 hp, but that it makes it at only 6000 rpm. In addition, our engine makes over 600 ft.-lbs. of torque everywhere and over 700 ft.-lbs. from 4400-6000 rpm."

Starting at the bottom, the Desert Attack 500 is built from a Katech-exclusive Dart 6061-T6 aluminum block. A forged steel crank is mated to forged steel conrods (titanium available) and forged Katech pistons. The liner-less Nicom-coated 4.205-inch bores aid in friction reduction and improves heat transfer for better-cooled cylinders. All Pro cylinder heads and the Jesel valvetrain sit beneath the rocker covers while independent throttle bodies ably force air into each cylinder.

To fit bespoke truck needs, the Desert Attack 500 can be tailored with various induction and dry sump options and fitted for front-, mid-, or rear-mount configurations. Complete, customized electronics packages and optimum header designs are also available.

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