Whether you have a 1999.5-2003 Ford Super Duty or an Excursion, the new aFe Power BladeRunner manifold kit for the previous-generation 7.3-liter Power Stroke diesels is sure to deliver increased air flow, lower exhaust gas temperatures, faster turbo spool-ups, and improved fuel economy.

The BladeRunner kit consists of an intake manifold, turbo outlet manifold, brackets, and all necessary stainless-steel installation hardware. The intake manifold is assembled from A356-T6 aluminum and incorporates multiple directional vane technology to smooth airflow and direct intake charge with minimal pressure loss. The denser air flow increases as much as 18 percent over the stock unit according to aFe’s testing. Pre-tapped, 1/8-inch NPT ports are also included on the intake manifold for gauges and/or nitrous oxide.

In addition to the high-flow intake manifold, the outlet manifold expenses gases up to 15-percent faster than the stock application.

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